Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Northern Skyline

At the same height of
            Every rocky mountain
       Above all seasonal change
You are widely and cursively cut

As if to bite a whole patch of
Sky from heaven
With rows of rows of
Whale-like teeth

Trees Everywhere

Trees everywhere

On each road, in every yard

But only far, and farther away
In a virgin forest can you hear
The songs from a tree’s ringed heart
In the shiny shape of a woman
Sitting close to your chest and
Throat, with all the green spirits

Set free from the carved cleft holes
Resonating in a foreign land

Man, As He Rally Is

Is far beyond God’s imagination
Let alone understanding

If you really love Earth, you wouldn’t be
Afraid to show it to the world, let alone her

Most websites don’t even last fourteen
Months, let alone fourteen years

They never thought they’d be able to do
Any serious reading, let alone thinking

Some people can’t help inventing lies
Let alone telling them

The sun shines on you but not on me
Let alone my shadow

I always expect the world to leave me
Alone, let alone my poetry

All Politically Correct

Even if he is more challenged chemically
Temporarily, follicularly than not
The candidate is none the less right:

With restricted growth, he’s chatting amicably
Right now with a wheelchair user, and
A person with visual and hearing impairments

Yes, he does look as vertically challenged
As she is cosmetically different, and
You are certainly not differently logical

Although he is a reactionary member of
The white power elite, he is socially misaligned
In fact. What comes the least best is the very way

He knows he is ethically disoriented as uniquely
Coordinated, but he longs to be our politically correct
Representative. Yes, vote me, you damned assholes!

What, What

If you
Me? She
Us? I
You? He
Them? One
Her? We
You? It
Us? They

yuan changming

Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Word

Have you not heard the Word,
Sighing in the breeze,
Descending with the rain,
Singing in the trees?
All that is heard came by the Word.

Bruce Mundhenke

Water of Gladness

May the love of the Lord,
And the beauty of His creation,
Become a river and a stream,
That they may flow through your heart,
And fill it overfull
With the water of gladness.

Bruce Mundhenke

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Crime/Detective Haiku

jellyfish police
surround scene
wait for backup

robot assassin
mistakes you for someone else
alternative twin

kill boyfriend in bed
in shock when he walks through door
with twin brother news

thought it was your blood
as you wake from hotel bed
maid forgot the corpse

see ax swing coming
die of sudden heart attack
before rubber hits

Football Tanka

alien giants
land in NFL Cities
adapt quite quickly
use pro football stadiums
for breakfast cereal bowl

alien giants
land craft in New York City
at Sunday home game
use teams football stadium
at halftime break as snack bowl

group of poets
fill out job applications
in major cities
at pro football stadiums
preference for the ravens

Denny E. Marshall

the one

i can still picture
you in just a towel

talking to me as
i sat on the edge
of the bed

you just casually
let that towel fall
to the floor

if i was a smart man

i would have asked
you to marry me
right there

all these years later

i know you wouldn't
have said yes

you didn't believe
in settling until you
found the one

sadly, i have never
been anyone's

cries for help in early august

i've been
my demons
since the day
i was born

not all wars
are meant to
last forever
taste the ecstasy

the puerto
rican women
are starting
to invade
my dreams

i can still
taste the
ecstasy when
i wake up in
the morning

i suppose i
should buy
another bottle
of rum

hoping that
she invites
a friend in
locked and loaded

a tribe of deviants
not interested in
ruling the world

more to just enjoy
a little fruit while
escaping death
each day

locked and loaded

not sure if the
eclipse would
actually be
a mushroom

place the tab on the
tip of your tongue
and simply relax

try not to think about
being molested as a
child or the first love
of your life running
away with another

try to remember 
the time you got 
a blow job in an
alley from a stripper
with a heart of gold

or the dreams of
being the smart
criminal that got
you through high
up a creek without a damn paddle

i see your
eyes in my

me as i
try to make
it back to

all odds

up a creek
without a
damn paddle

i'll make
it back to
you one

all i ask

you still
care at

wait to
my heart
after i've
had a chance
to rest
cliffs of dover

here comes the
guitar hero and
all the groupies
that believe in

i remember i
was going to
be one of those
guys when i
was a teenager

reality struck

because fat kids
don't get to have
those fantasies

you can be a 
roadie or the
producer stuck
in the fucking

but any shit on
stage is for the
beautiful people

i was going to
be the smart ass
that brought up
the 1970's but i
simply walked

not all the talent
was squeezed out 
of the tube yet
J.J. Campbell